Tips for Hiring Managers

written by Rebecca Sacks 

1. Review any summary or notes from your recruiter prior to rejecting and/or looking at the resume

  • Most people do not know how to write a resume; it does not define them as candidates
  • A conversation with any submitted candidates should take place, whether over the phone or in person
  • The recruiter was hired to provide their expertise, use their services to the fullest and have faith they will provide qualified candidates

2. Do your research on your recruiting search firm before deciding on one

  • Each firm has different specializations
  • Some firms just throw candidates to their clients to see what sticks
  • The better firms take the time to learn their clients and candidates
  • Find out from candidates and companies that have worked with the firm their experiences (it is so important to have overall consistency on each end)

3. Know what you are looking for

  • Do not use a job description if it’s not accurate
  • Be realistic in your expectations (if you are searching for a unicorn, then expect the time of the search to be exceptionally long and hard for the firm you hire)
  • Do not change expectations from one candidate to another, be consistent and interview every potential candidate in the same manor

4. Be honest and open with your recruiter

  • The recruiter is there to support you and provide you with the type of candidate you are looking for
  • Give them information that they can use, feedback on all and every candidate is the best tool for your recruiter, it helps them weed out those unfavorable candidates in the future
  • Set the expectations for the position with your recruiter so they can convey that to their candidates and there are no surprises