New Year New Career

written by Rebecca Sacks

It’s the New Year, some of you are seeking your next career and some of you are seeking that next rock star!

Here are some tips/guidelines you should follow!

Seeking your next Career:

Most of us are still thinking what do I want to be when I grow up? We may never know, but it’s never too late to take a risk and make that move to doing something you love and are passionate towards!

1. Do your research – Be Knowledgeable

If you are making a move to a completely new industry and seeking something you have never done before, make sure you know what you are getting in to
Speak to people who are currently in that profession, get a realistic point of view

2. Be honest

If you are working with a recruiter make sure you are honest about what you want, see if there is a position out there
Make sure you are working with an industry specific recruiter, don’t work with an IT recruiter if you are seeking a position in healthcare

3. Be realistic

Know that going into a new industry or position could put you in an entry level position, without previous experience you might not get the compensation you are accustomed to receiving
Do the research for the market you live in and what someone is compensated so you aren’t surprised and deterred from pursuing your dream

4. Resume

Make sure your resume reflects your new goals and the skills needed for the role
Use your previous work history, but gear the experience towards your new career to reflect the proper skill set
Seeking that next Rock Star: (to be continued……….)