Seeking that next Rock Star

written by Rebecca Sacks 

The New Year gives us, as managers, the opportunity to reflect on last year’s business and how each member of our team impacted it.  It’s a great time to reevaluate and see what type of adjustments need to be made to have an even better 2017!

  1. Always be looking
  • In sales, they say ABC (always be closing). When it comes to recruiting you should always keep the door open for the next potential rock star, even if there isn’t a need, interviews should be conducted constantly, so when you do have an opening or your current rock star decides to move away, you will have a backup plan.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open to your internal staff too. Your next rock star might be right under your nose the whole time.
  • Promoting from within is a good option too. It gives employees the opportunity to grow and excel without having to move onto another company – keeps turnover down.
  1. Know the market
  • It is so important to make sure you know what your competitors are offering their employees.
  • Provide benefits that are incomparable, set yourself apart from the norm.
  1. Hire people who are smarter than you
  • Your team should consist of a group of people that are all strong in different areas and can contribute in all aspects.
  • The team members should be more knowledgeable than you in certain areas. IT IS OK, this doesn’t jeopardize your role, it strengthens it. Knowing you have that member who has additional expertise in specific categories you or other team members may not have can make your team stronger.