How Do You Stand Out from the Rest to Your Candidates?

written by Rebecca Sacks

1. Know your company goals and mission (or as a recruiter know who you are representing)

  • Candidates want to know they are going to a company that has a vision and their staff believes in what they are promoting, regardless of the industry

2. Have passion and be happy in your career

  • Sound unrealistic? We constantly are growing, so we constantly need to reinvent ourselves, I talk to nurses daily who are on their 3rd or 4th career because they love what they are doing and feel a purpose
  • Candidates can see how you feel about your work and the environment you are in, not only do you interview the candidates but they are interviewing you during the process

3. Make sure your candidate knows that you have his/her best interest at heart

  • No one should ever leave a job and go somewhere that may not last, be honest in your screening process and let them know the risks
  • If there are concerns share them with the candidates, make sure they have all the facts to make their own decisions, you can provide the facts, but it’s not your job to tell the candidate how to proceed in her/his career

4. Provide honest and positive feedback

  • While not everyone may be a fit for the role they interview for, make sure you let them know whether they are or not and provide constructive criticism
  • Following up with the candidates will let them know you are a professional and value you their expertise, maybe not for this role, but possibly something in the future