How do you determine if the company you are interviewing with is the right fit for you?

written by Rebecca Sacks

1. Do your research?

  • Look at online reviews, is a key tool in seeking new opportunities
  • On the other hand, there are disgruntled employees in the world, so keep an open mind

2.  Interview the company while they interview you

  • Ask what a typical day looks like from more than one person
  • Ask for the job description and the expectations of the position
  • What is the company culture and the tenure of their current employees? If a company treats their employees well, you will see more longevity in their length of employment
  • If you are seeking specifics in your new position, make sure you have the ability to obtain those i.e. growth potential or stability in a role

3. Make sure you know the chain of command of communication

  • Envision yourself working within the environment you have interviewed
  • Be sure you have something to offer to the team to bring value and share that information to the interviewers.  Especially if you see an area lacking where you can be an asset and bring your strengths, then it could be the perfect fit


  • In my last three positions, I have always gone with my gut instinct and it has never steered me wrong, when in doubt listen to your gut