Why Retention?

written by Rebecca Sacks 

One of the key factors in recruiting and eliminating high turnover is retention.  Believe it or not there are some companies that are great at retaining employees, keeping employees happy and giving them what they want, to feel encouraged and valued.  There are many companies that tend to drop the ball on retaining employees; sometimes it’s out of the hands of the employer, but a lot of times there are ways to avoid your employees from leaving the job.

I say this all the time when it comes to my pets, they just want to be loved because they will not leave me alone until I pet and appreciate them. In the work environment it is a similar situation; we all just want to feel valued and know we are appreciated by our employers. Making the employee feel appreciated and valued goes a long way.

In an effort to increase your retention among employees, start with these easy steps.

  1. Communicate with your staff.
    It is very important that your employees are always aware of what is going on in the business.  This doesn’t mean you need to provide them financial or any proprietary/confidential information, but keep them in the loop.  If there are potential acquisitions on the horizon or a new large client has been obtained, fill them in, share the good news along with any potential concerns.  The more informed they are on the state of your business, the more valued they will feel. If the company isn’t doing well, inform them, let them know things might change, be supportive of your team. In the long run you want them to know you want the best for them.
  2. Help your employees set a plan to grow professionally.
    All management and executive members should be involved in the professional development of your staff members.  If you help someone grow with your organization and provide the tools for success, they will know they are valued. They will see the time you have invested in them to help them grow and be successful. Make sure the executive team acknowledges all members of your establishment. It is easy to ignore people you don’t know, but how great is it to say “Hi” and smile to make someone’s day.
  3. Encourage, Educate and Engage.
    It is important to encourage and educate your employees as well as keeping them engaged. Provide opportunities for advancement, provide the training or opportunity for outside professional development. You can provide additional responsibilities to someone’s role so they feel valued.  Communicate with the employee to see how they want to develop and how you can assist them in their professional growth.
  4. Empower Your Staff.
    When someone is given the opportunity to make a decision, knowing that an organization believes that her/his decision will be best outcome for all parties involved, is an amazing feeling.  Be supportive and provide resources and training needed to make that decision, but let he/she take the reins and be a decision maker in some aspect of her/his role.

There are many ways to help eliminate high turnover these days; I know that for some of the entry level positions in the behavioral health world it might seem more difficult, but it’s not.  It’s ultimately up to you and your current staff to help reduce that turnover and create a positive work environment.