What Does Successful Recruiting Look Like?

written by Rebecca Sacks 

How do you determine successful recruiting? Is it determined by your employees being loyal and sticking around? Do you determine it by the company’s turnover rate?

There are many aspects that determine successful recruiting and it begins by evaluating your turnover. Are your current employees happy? Just because they have stayed in their position does not mean your recruiting has been successful.
In recruiting, communication is key.  When you start the recruiting process always be open and communicate with the candidate. Be mindful and informative of the interview process. Do not put time constraints on interviewing, and keep yourself open to meeting the needs of the candidate especially if he/she is currently employed. As you continue through the interview process continue to update and inform your candidates. It is better to communicate there are no updates during the process than to be uninformed.

If the candidate is not qualified for the role and is lacking specific skills or knowledge, let him/her know in a professional manner.  It is important that feedback is always provided. Once a candidate learns what skills he/she is lacking or if she/he is too qualified in one area and not qualified enough in another area, the candidate can become educated. He/she can learn the skills necessary to obtain a similar position in the future. It is recommended to complete the interview process on positive terms with the candidate. You never know if you will have additional opportunities down the road for her/him.  You don’t want to leave anyone questioning or wondering “What if?”.

In the end, successful recruiting is how you handle the process, treat your candidates and ultimately your employees. It is important to keep employees engaged and feeling valued to eliminate the high turnover and maintain retention. Yes, the final result is hiring the right person and making sure it is a smooth seamless process. Successful recruiting does not happen overnight and there will be trials and tribulations along the way.  Once you learn what works for your company and your recruiting process, successful recruiting is the light at the end of the tunnel.