About Us

PRN Offers an Array of Client Options:

Direct Placement: PRN will find you a qualified candidate for your open position, we will provide several candidates for you to interview, once the decision has been made, the company will extend an offer to the candidate. PRN can and will provide professional references, drug testing. Background checks and any other client requirement in order to streamline the process.


PRN has the capability to offer long and short time contract staff, whether you need someone for a project or an employee leave of absence, PRN can provide this experienced professional to you.

Contract to Hire

TO ensure you have made the right choice in your hiring we have a “Try before you Buy” motto, this will ensure that this candidate is a true fit for your organization. The candidate will remain on PRN’s payroll for 13 weeks prior to being offered a full time position with your organization.

Retained Search

This option is for the client that that may have a position in a rural area that is extremely difficult to fill and/or is growing faster than expected and must have all positions filled within a certain time frame. PRN will assign a dedicated team to focus only on that client’s needs.


PRN has a dedicated team of professionals for the behavioral health industry, so whether you are opening up a treatment, detox, sober living or outpatient center, our professionals can assist with all aspects of the creation of your company. We can provide professionals to get you opened and accredited within a few months of location being identified.

Human Resources

In the growing economy, companies are out-sourcing their HR departments to keep up with supply and demand of candidate pools, we at PRN can act as your HR department not only with credentialing of each employee but assisting in the hiring process.