“After my initial phone call from Rebecca, she followed up and provided me with a complete picture of the opportunity and client. Throughout the whole hiring process, Rebecca gave me a complete outline of the stages and timescale of the process which she kept to. Without doubt my experience in dealing with PRN Executive Search was nothing short of incredibly professional and supportive. I have been approached and had contacted with numerous recruitment organizations; and I can definitely say that Rebecca demonstrated 100% what they should look and act like. Their straight forward approach along with an understanding of the needs and requirements of the positions available allow them to have the right person placed into the right job. Thank you for your help and working with me in securing my present role which is exciting, challenging and rewarding (just as promised!)” Patrick; Business Development Representative, West Coast Region of the U.S.


“Over the last few years I have really benefited from working with Rebecca, she has always been there for me and been a voice of reason when I have had life changing career decisions at hand.  I always know that no matter what I can count on her expertise in the recruiting world to help me with any difficult path I may encounter. Being able to know I have Rebecca in my corner, with my best interests at hand has always given me ease in making some difficult decisions. I would say anyone who has the opportunity to build a good relationship with Rebecca and the team at PRN Executive Search will have success come their way because they have a great team of professionals backing them. Frances; DON, West Coast Region of the US.


“I’ve had a great experience working with Rebecca and I also appreciate her communication and diligence. She has provided a sounding board for me and much encouragement through a hard transition. I give much thanks to her for going above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and able to move forward in my career.” April, Therapist, Northeast Region of U.S.


“It has been a wonderful experience working with Rebecca. She is professional enthusiastic and caring. Her attention to details and communication is superlative. I would not hesitate to refer any of my colleagues to her as I know they would be in great hands.” DrRobin Gale, DNP, ARNP, GNP-BC, PMHNP-BC; Southeastern Florida

Robin has an extensive background in Psychiatric work and working within the addiction field. She is passionate about what she does.  She loves working with her patients and seeing them through treatment.  Robin’s nursing career began back in 1980’s when she started out as an LPN. Since that time, she has had the privilege of experiencing many different roles as well as levels of responsibility. Constantly growing in her roles has allowed Robin to have an understanding and appreciation for what each member of the team contributes. Over the years in her role as a nurse, she has participated in quality assurance and improvement projects, utilization review, conducted research, taught and have had several leadership roles. She has lead several types of group therapy patients who have substance abuse disorders, and mental health disorders including combat PTSD and military sexual trauma. She was instrumental in creating and managing a diversion program for patients who were reviving treatment for opiate addition in several (VA) Medical Center buprenorphine clinics. She designed these programs under the guidelines of the DEA, the agency that oversees that providers are compliant with the administration of this unique medication. She has been fortunate to have been able to participate in 5 research studies that have been published in medical journals. She has been a member of several different hospital based committees as well as committees in the community.


“Working with PRN Executive Search is nothing less than exceptional. They have an incredible customer service approach and an ability to find the right candidate in a timely manner. I truly enjoy working with them…” James Gordon – Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Medivance Billing Service

Medivance Billing Service is a national leader in revenue cycle management catering to behavioral healthcare treatment programs, toxicology services and acute hospital providers. Their take on transparency, timeliness and data reporting is something that they hold in high regard. Their stance on rapid clean claim submission has enabled Medivance Billing to transmit on average, over $90 million dollars in claims monthly for their clients. Medivance has the manpower and expertise to increase & maintain revenue growth along with providing constant communication that will instill confidence from you and your team. To learn more go to: www.medivancebilling.com Or call: 954-746-8232.


PRN Executive Search alleviates the time and energy that companies spend on the recruiting process because they are the experts.  They listen and pay attention to learning the company’s brand, mission and culture.  PRN screens and provides candidates that fit into those three aspects.  There is a personal touch and personal responsibility they have taken on in finding the right candidates for our company.  PRN gives customer service a new meaning, the follow-up alone in our busy day to day shows how much they care about our needs and want the best for our company. – Tiffany – Chief Marketing Officer, Wanderer Bracelets

Wanderer Bracelets, an ecommerce-based social enterprise was created by the owner to help provide sustainable living for artisan’s in Bali.  The company was started in 2014 with 10 employees in Bali, now they employ and provide sustainable living for about 150 employees in Bali and they have over 50 employees here in the United States.  The company is only growing and continuing on their mission to help create sustainable lives for the artisan’s in Bali while providing a fun and exciting piece of jewelry for their shoppers worldwide. https://www.wandererbracelets.com


“PRN is a delight to work with! They are timely and provide quality candidates.  PRN is easy to work with and has great communication and follow through, the recruiters we worked with both, Joanne and Rebecca, provided not only top talent plus are always accessible. No matter what time day, night and even weekends. PRN has contributed to the success of our organization”– Brian, VP of HR Southeast Region of U.S.

Brian currently works at a PHP, IOP, and OP facility in the Southeast Region of the U.S. He has an extensive background in Human Resources working within the mental health field.


“Joanne is just beyond amazing! She reviewed my resume and led me to the next level of my nursing career. I studied Substance Abuse at the University of Miami and have worked as a staff nurse in substance abuse since 2005 and psychiatry/ dual diagnosis since 1989. With Joanne’s keen eye, she showed me how I could be a true asset as a Utilization Review Nurse. I began this new venture with full confidence that Joanne gave me and have been employed as a Utilization Review Coordinator since July 2015. She keeps in contact with me and is always there as a friend as well. They don’t get any better than Joanne Robinson”.Gail, Utilization Review Coordinator, Southeast Region of U.S.


“I am so grateful for Rebecca placing me in my current position. She has changed my life! I love my job and am so happy for her seeking me out for this position!” – Rachael, Clinical Director, South East Region of U.S.

Rachael has been working in the field of addictions for a while, she has been a counselor for 14 years. She has many accomplishments in her career she is a LPC, a forensic expert, published author, associate editor, psych adjunct professor and had her own private practice.
She enjoys leading other people and was fortunate enough to join her current team as a counselor and recently be promoted to the Clinical Director.  Rachael loves helping people, she is enthusiastic and passionate about her work and anyone would be lucky to work alongside her.


“Thank you so much. Who would have thought an interesting email would lead me down this road! I am incredibly thankful for you!”Danielle, Executive Director, Southeast Region of the U.S.

Danielle was originally placed in her role by PRN Executive Search as the clinical director and has since been made the executive director. Danielle has worked in the behavioral health field for the last 6 years and has excelled in every role she has taken on.  She is passionate about her work and believes in people and their ability to transform.  From the first moment, we spoke with Danielle we knew she would be a success story.